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This link will allow you to go to other agencies such as:

Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD)  State agency that contracts, funds and certifies service providers.

Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA)   It is the chief health policy and planning entity for the state. It sets rules and policy for APD. The Agency is responsible for health facility licensure, inspection, and regulatory enforcement; investigation of consumer complaints related to health care facilities and managed care plans; the administration of the Medicaid program and the certification of health maintenance organizations just to state a few things here.

Delmarva Foundation Entity that monitors providers of service to persons with developmental disabilities.

FL Developmental Disabilities Council  - Funds and supports innovative initiatives that demonstrate new approaches to enhance the independence, productivity, inclusion and self-determination of individuals with developmental disabilities in all facets of community life.  Encourages and advocates opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities and their families, to enhance their quality of life within their communities.   Lists publications, request for proposals, links/resources and various meetings, task force's and projects. 

Social Security Administration  -  Our consumers receive SSI or Medicare monetary benefits from SSA.

FL Medicaid ACS-Fiscal Agent  - They review billings submitted and pay service providers.

FL Advocacy Center  They advocate for and encourage consumers in a variety of ways.



 Providers & Services                                                                                  




     Search Providers                                                                              

This link will allow you to search the Florida database of providers for all the various supports and services.  You can then narrow down which providers you want to use and then make an informed choice.  Let me know what selection you want.  I can assist you as needed.



    MW Provider Application                                                                             

This link is for potential providers that wish to provide services to persons with disabilities within the Medicaid Waiver program.  In order to become enrolled, you must first contact your local APD office about provider enrollment orientation.  District 7 phone is 407 245-0440.  APD offers Provider enrollment orientation quarterly in January, April, July and October.  Provider applications are given out when you come to the APD office, and you must register when picking it up and attend the orientation "So you want to become a provider."   You will then turn in the  MW Provider Application  on the second day of the orientation. 
Depending upon the service, there are other requirements necessary as well.  APD should be contacted for more about becoming a provider.  


    MW Services                                                                              

This link will allow you to preview a list of all the MW services.   These services should not be confused with and are not the same as Medicaid services.



    Medicaid Services                                                                              

This link will allow you to review all the Medicaid services that they may fund.  Many of the medical services such as exams can be covered by Medicaid.  These services should not be confused with
MW services since they are two different programs.  For example if you work at an ADT, MW normally pays for this.  If you have a medical exam by a Medicaid enrolled physician, then it is paid by Medicaid not Medicaid Waiver. Both Medicaid and Medicaid Waiver sometimes require that a service be "medically
necessary" as indicated by your physician. The phone number for Medicaid services is: 888-419-3456.



    Medicaid Handbook                                                                              

This link will allow you to review or use as a reference the Medicaid Handbook.  It has particulars of various services that you may find useful.



This link will allow you to review other important supplemental resources such as :

American Red Cross  To Notify family / friends you are  OK after a disaster.

     Go to www.redcross.org , click on "safe and well" (right column of page). At time of adverse conditions such as
      tornados or hurricanes you can list your name on the "safe and well" listing so that friends and family will know that
     you are safe and out of harm's way

Behavior disorders, DSM IV explained, psychotrophic drugs & testing information is on this link.

Center for Autism and Related Disabilities  Educational programs, family and other technical supports.

Central Florida Down Syndrome Association  Support groups, parent counseling, workshops.

Family Cafe   A non-profit statewide organization that offers educational opportunities and information on meaningful topics for individuals with disabilities and their families to help them make sensible and educated decisions regarding the services they receive.

Family Care Council Created by the legislature they advise the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) on the needs of self-advocates and their families.  Provide information and outreach to self-advocates and families.  Review the effectiveness of APD and advise APD administrators on the community and family support systems in their area. 

Florida United For Choice:   A grassroots effort to prevent HMOs from taking over APD and services that MW persons with developmental disabilities in Florida receive.
                                      Go to their website for lots of information and how to get involved.  www.FloridaUnitedForChoice.com 

Florida Support Coordinators This is a really nice website created by Victoria Nangle, a fellow support coordinator in district 23 and run by Aaron Nangle.  The site offers lots of information about locating resources within the HCBS Medicaid Waiver program in Florida for providers and families.

Goodwill Industries of Central Florida  Offers job placement, vocational assessment. Has thrift shops ie clothing, furniture.

Orlando Housing Authority  407 894-1500  Subsidized rental housing.

Resource Notebook 2006 (formerly choice counseling yellow notebook) Provides information of services, helps you to match your needs with APD’s service options and plan for your future. Very detailed resource guide. Highly recommended.

Personal Compass Workbook (PDF)  Helps consumers decide if the services received are quality services and gives information on consumer rights.  Asks consumer to evaluate providers with yes or no questions on the level of quality they provide.  Completing this tool is recommended prior to changing to another provider.  It will help in your decision.  

Salvation Army of Orange County  407 423-8581  Donations, food pantry, emergency funds.

Support Coordination Forms  These are the approved state-wide forms used by support coordinators.

 You need adobe reader   Adobe Reader for Windows if you don't have, to read PDF files. 



This link  allow you to learn more about the budget funding process.  Links include the following:

Individual Cost Guidelines:  Completed by the support coordinator with the consumer to determine the amount of supports needed at home, at work, amount of health assistance and behaviorally.  Results of this review conducted every three years translates into a maximum amount of budget allowed for supports. Buget maximums for each consumer established by the ICG, have not yet been implemented into the ADP program due to a law suit.


Cost Plan Service Plan Guide (PDF):  This guide book explains the cost plan process. Specifically it shows district staff and Waiver Support Coordinators how to create cost plans and service authorizations in the state's ABC computer system.  Includes coding and gives examples.  Mostly used by support


PSA Guidelines (PDF):  This lists what the guidelines are for prior service authorizations.   Services approved are subject to review by a contracted out third party reviewer either Maximus or APS Healthcare in Tallahassee.  Services have documentation requirements such as a doctor's script or that it is medically necessary.  Support Coordinators are the primary users of this but other interested parties such as providers may find it useful also.                                                               Hit Counter

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