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Private resources must be used prior to paid resources. This is a Medicaid Waiver rule.  There are many potential private resources such as private health insurance, special needs trust fund assets, family members, friends.   So this means that if you have private resources available to fund a given area of need, you must use this prior to using governmental resources.  This means your personal or financial resources
not your parents or family members.







Community resources must also be used prior to paid resources.  Possible community resources include non-profit organizations such as goodwill, salvation army.  Other  resources include county health clinic or the best buddie program prior to using the MW support “companion”.   Since these are difficult to obtain due to long wait lists and in short supply, many times paid supports will be required to help you reach your goal.





Foundations are another way to obtain help.  Many foundations have applications or will help in specific areas of interest.  Again, this resource is difficult to obtain because of its high demand and short supply.

     The Able Trust is a 501(c)(3) public-private partnership foundation that "supports individuals non-profit
     vocational rehabilitation programs throughout Florida with fund-raising, grant making and public
     awareness of disability issues". 



      Natural Supports


A natural support is someone you know that can or is helping you towards a goal that is not paid to do so.  They may include family or friends or people that have the ability to help you towards one of your goals. The Medicaid Waiver program wants you to obtain more of these natural supports and less professional paid supports.  The theory is that this will promote more independence and self-sufficiency and as a result improve the quality of your life experiences.



      Community - Health related

     American Diabetes Association - Lots of diabetes related information.
     American Red Cross of Central Florida - First Aid & CPR classes, disaster services, water safety training etc.
     Children's Medical Services  - Medical assistance for children.  407 856-6525 admin 407 856-6519 services
     Community Health Centers Inc. - Educational and medical related services including dental. Sliding scale.    
     Epilepsy Association of Central Florida - Screening/Diagnostic, case management, public education.
     Orange County Health Department - 407 836-2699 Health screening / diagnostic services.
     Orange County Medical Clinic 407 836-7148  Medically indigent out patient program.



      Community Participation Opportunities

        Volunteer Information / referral / placement can be obtained at Heart of Florida United Way by calling
        407 835-0900 or at their website:  In addition to volunteering
        in an area that you have an interest in, here are some community activities areas that may be of interest
        to you.  You might want to join a club for a hobby that you decide to become involved with.


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   Social Security


Social Security provides SSI money to many consumers which in turn helps to pay for your room and board if you live in a group home. Many times the group is assigned as the payee for this reason.  You also will get a small amount of spending money called personal allowance that the group home will maintain for you each month for you to spend on personal items such as personal items you may prefer or eating out.

If you don’t receive any SSI money, you probably are receiving SSA money. This is discussed under Medicare.



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   Medicare & Medicaid


Medicare is a federal program that basically covers many health costs such as doctor  exams and tests. Many doctors accept Medicare but not all of them.  Most consumers are not old enough to get Medicare on their own, so they become eligible through the retirement or death of a parent.  Normally within 24 months.


Medicare part D is the new prescription drug program for consumers that have Medicaid also. Instead of Medicaid paying for certain prescriptions, now part D funds many medications. You can learn more about this program at this web link:  Website Guide To Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage: re, excellent reference
Prepared by Disability Policy Collaboration , a partnership between The Arc and United Cerebral Palsy,
 Washington, DC

 Webcast presentation: Medicare Prescription Drug Program Webcast >Click to view (72 minutes)
(broadband Windows media player)


      As a resource, the above link is to a website to search for Medicare providers.  This may be helpful in obtaining
      Durable Medical Equipment for individuals with Medicare since it has to be accessed before Medicaid funding.

    Medicaid is a state sponsored program that covers many health costs such as doctor  exams and tests.  Not 
    many doctors accept Medicaid but some do.  All Medicaid Waiver consumers have Medicaid.  You must not
    have more than $2,000. in resources in order to remain on Medicaid. There are some exceptions such as if you
    have a special needs trust or an irrevocable burial trust.  You need to see a lawyer about obtaining these
    specialized documents.


Recertification is required to remain in Medicaid. They may call you or request an interview to update their records from time to time or annually.  If you do not respond to their request, you will likely be cut from Medicaid which means you lose not only your health coverage, but also all Medicaid Waiver supports.  These providers cannot be paid if you lose your Medicaid.  So if you lose your Medicaid, let your support coordinator know right away.  And don’t ignore or forget to go to any Medicaid related meeting that you have an appointment for. You can now sign up and review your Medicaid account, (website here) print a Medicaid replacement care and complete an online recertification application. 
But be sure to let your support coordinator know since many times the local APD office needs to review it first.

You will need SS # and date of birth to access status of your Medicaid application or other inquires. Some inquires such as about your Medicaid card must be made by phone.  The phone number for Medicaid services is: 888-419-3456 or (website here).  If you submit documents, be sure to write your case number on each one and refer to it during any correspondence.
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