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A support plan is a document that identifies your preferences in the work, home and leisure settings.  It's purpose is be a roadmap for where you have been, where you are now and where you want to be in the future and what supports you will need to help get you there.  Specific goals you desire are listed in this plan.  Each goal is tied to a support or service that will assist you in obtaining that goal.  These may be paid or free community based supports. 



 Gather Information                                                                                  


In order to adequately prepare your annual support plan, I will need lots of updated information from you or your family or group home.  The most important thing I need from you is what your goals are and what if any changes you want to make in your life.  If you are not sure, your providers and I will help you to become educated on, explore and experience some activities that will help you to discover some goals and new preferences that you did not know were available.



  Assemble Documents                                                                                  


There are many other documents that need to be completed as a part of the support plan and meeting that I will create and assemble with input from you.  Many of these forms give permission or consent for various things which I will explain as well as inform you about. Things such as your rights, choices and future final planning preferences.  After I create and assemble all these documents, I will review them with you and you can then sign them.



  Health Summary                                                                                  


In order to maintain optimal health, it is important to stay up to date with various doctor exams and / or treatments you may need.  To accomplish this, your group home, supported living coach or family member caretaker may assist you in staying current with exams and treatments including medications.  I will list your doctors and medications as indicated by you or above party.  I will encourage and / or notify you or above party if I see that it appears you need to see the doctor for a given reason that you have indicated or that I have noticed if it has not taken place.



  Track Progress                                                                                 


I will track your progress throughout the year based upon the support plan goals you indicated.  Visits to your daily activity and to where you live will be made by me to determine the amount and quality of progress you are making.  I will recommend modifications or changes if what the provider is doing is not effective in reaching a given goal.  You should call me or tell me in person when I visit if you ever feel you are not making adequate progress towards a goal or if you want to change a goal or add a new one. 


  Submit and Implement                                                                                  


Once all the particulars within the support plan have been established and all the supplemental documents completed, I will submit them to APD and the fiscal reviewer for approval.  The two reviewer firms that will review your plan and request for funding are Maximus or APS Healthcare.  They will either approve, approve with changes or deny funding. They may request additional clarifying documents which I will obtain on your behalf.                                                                                          Hit Counter

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